White Hokkaido

White Hokkaido

Just visited Hokkaido during the winter season. Its been quite sometime I have not followed tour but as I’m bringing my kid along, so why not try following a tour. We followed Apple Vacation Malaysia where they chartered a flight with MAS (very daring of them). It was a short 7 days 5 nights and below are the places that we visited:
Day1 – Yubari Mount Racey Ski Resort
Day2 – Lake Toya, Mt Utuzan
Day3 – Around Sapporo (Capital town of Hokkaido)
Day4 – Around Sapporo (Free & Easy)
Day5 – Otaru & Shiroi Joibito Park

As we touched down at New Chitose Airport on the first day in the morning, we were taken to one of the best ski resorts in Hokkaido which is Yubari Mount Racey Resort. We did not ski but was hanging around in the resort and enjoying the view.

ski resort

view from room

After checking out from the resort, we head on to Lake Toya, Mt. Usuzan and Bear Ranch before renting a snow mobile and driving to the peak of the mountain. Of course, not forgetting the spectacular view on the way up


snow mobile1

snow mobile2




Ending the day with a 2 hours journey to Noboribetsu Onsen where it is well known for hot spring in Hokkaido. We checked into Noboribetsu Mahoroba Hotel, where we had the chance to experience traditional Japanese style rooms come with a unique interior design that includes tatami mats as flooring. The dining area would then be setup to become sleeping area.


As we are not allowed to take pictures on the Onsen, will describe my experience in there:

Yes we have to be naked, totally and of course it is separated by guys & girls changing area. It was a good experience especially during the cold season and manage to relax the japanese hot spring. We were doubting to go or not as it was something out of our culture being naked with the publics, but who cares go experience and no one really cares. So my advice, just go!!!

DAY 3 & DAY 4

Ended up in Sapporo city. Of course after being outskirt experiencing different things, view in the city is slightly different. Visited different attractions around Sapporo and summarized below by pictures

government building


underground city

snow in city


Ended the trip by visiting Shiroi Koibito Park, Jogokudani (Hell Valley), Otaru Canal and Handicraft Street. Not forgetting some shopping in Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima before leaving back to Malaysia.


Hell Valley


Not a very food person, but sharing some of the nice things we had throughout the duration we are there. Melon ice-cream, crabs & not forgetting Kobe Beef

A4 Kobe beef

Melon ice cream

Hokkaido crab

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