Alaska Part3: Onboarding RCL & Juneau

Alaska Part3: Onboarding RCL & Juneau

In part2 of this holiday series, I shared about the attractions in Seward and this is also the embarkation port for the cruise that we are taking. All 3 of us boarded the Radiance of the Seas which is 1 of the fleet owned and operated by the RCL (Royal Caribbean Cruises). The cruise has 12 decks in total which I would say its average in size compared to what RCL has currently. Some pros & cons of this cruiseline compared to our locally owned Genting Cruiseline:

1) Very organized in terms of meals time. Less queuing is required
2) Better food quality
3) Have a gala dinner at the last night of the cruise

1) Lesser entertainment for guest
2) Cost

As we explore the shipline, some pictures taken around the ship for the 8D7N we are on it:

Radiance of the seas 8

Radiance of the seas 1

Radiance of the seas 2

Radiance of the seas 3

Radiance of the seas 4

Radiance of the seas 5

Radiance of the seas 6

Radiance of the seas 7

Radiance of the seas 9

The first destination we arrived is the Hubbard Glacier. I’m not an expert on this but what I can say its spectacular. What happened is the RCL cruiseliner arrived as close as possible towards the glacier and they will park the RCL cruiseliner there for an hour. The captain of the RCL cruiseliner will make announcement and all of us actually goes up to the helipad busy taking pictures and enjoying the view.Once in a while, we can see & hear the glacier calving (breaking of ice chunks from the edge of a glacier). People like us from the Asia country, I doubt we have the chance to view such a thing and indeed its magnificent to me. The Royal Caribbean Cruise took the effort and went down to the ocean and brought up a glacier for us to have a feel. So how does a glacier feel? Nothing just like ice 🙂

Somehow, the pictures I took does not do the justice

Hubbard Glacier1

Hubbard Glacier7

Hubbard Glacier6

Hubbard Glacier5

Hubbard Glacier4

Hubbard Glacier3

Hubbard Glacier2

Next we traveled about a day and reach our first port of call, Juneau the capital city of Alaska. That being said the township isn’t too big and every where is accessible by foot. I have actually booked a local tour via internet in advance to do dog sledding. Yes, this time we are going up the Mendenhall Glacier using the helicopter and the dogs will be there waiting for us. 1 thing I learned is the dogs and the care takers actually live up in the glacier as this is a peak period where there are a lot of visitors. As the dogs are exposed to the bright glacier long hours each day, the care takers will need to give them eye drops. However when winter comes, they will move all the dogs to a low land as the glacier will be too cold for inhabitants. This is my highlight of the trip, getting pulled by ~10 dogs:

Dog Sledding1

Dog Sledding2

Dog Sledding5

Dog Sledding4

Dog Sledding3

Subsequently had lunch in downtown Juneau, and embark the ship for the next port of call in my Part4 post

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