Alaska Part5 : Vancouver

Alaska Part5 : Vancouver

Has been on the cruise quite a number of days by now and have shared my all journey & experiences on all of the port of calls and this is the last place we will be before heading home, Vancouver.. If you have missed any of them, feel free to view the full itinerary from the 1st day we arrived into the beautiful country of Alaska. Just want to recap of all the places we visited starting from our embarkation port, Seward and now our disembarkation port, Vancouver.

Below are how the cruiseship has travelled for last 8days and I have captured them using google map and its respective location:

Cruise Map

So finally we are here back on “land” Vancounver, Canada. My first impression was “Wow! The building here is high up”. I have not seen high buildings for almost 2 weeks and its like a culture shock to me. It has been quite some time also I have not seen so many cars. Comparing the 2 locations, it is very different where Vancouver is more of a busy city with branded things whereelse in Alaska, its mostly about nature & sigh-seeing. So depending on what you interest are you can select which is more suitable for you. As you will see in the pictures, the view in Vancouver is very different.

Just want to share 3 main attractions I thought is interesting:
1) Stanley Park
2) Visit to Rogers Arena
3) Food market aka “Pasar Malam”

Stanley Park
It is just located outside the city of Vancouver and is very accessible by foot. The park is huge and we did not cover everything but it is nice to have a park near the city center. What is more interesting is before you reach the park, you will pass through the Vancouver harbor where you see lots of yacht parked there as well as fancy accommodation facing the harbor. It will be interesting to know how much 1 of these unit cost! Another interesting point about Stanley Park is unlike other parks, it was not designed by any architect but rather let nature take its cause. Some glimpse of Stanley Park:

Vancouver Harbor1

Vancouver Harbor2

Vancouver Harbor3



Rogers Arena
To start off with, I’m not an ice hockey fan nor a supporter to Vancouver Canucks (Ice hockey team to Vancouver). However, I just like visiting stadiums behind the camera where do players go and what is happening all in the background and hence decided to take a tour to this stadium. They actually bring you to grand stands, commentator stands, changing room, etc. However, you need to ensure there is no game on that day otherwise you are not permitted to visit.

Rogers Arena1

Rogers Arena2

Rogers Arena3

Rogers Arena4

Rogers Arena5

Food market
Yes, you read it right. We found a food market where we Malaysians call “Pasar Malam”. It is interestingly astonishing to find a night market in Vancouver itself and I felt so at home. However, there is entrance fees to this night market with plenty of stalls setup. And you got it right, this is at the Richmond area where residents there are mostly Asians and hence the culture has been brought there. I guess. (We found the night market by accident and not on purpose)

Night Market1

Night Market2

Those are the attractions that I found it interesting during my visit. It is a very worthwhile trip visiting other countries large seeing and see how the city is organized compared to our own city. Will end my blog with some random pictures taken around the city of Vancouver

Vancouver City1

Vancouver City2

Vancouver City3

Vancouver City4

Click here to view the complete trip itinerary.

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