Bath & Salisbury, United Kingdom

Bath & Salisbury, United Kingdom

This blog page is mostly sharing on my visit to Bath & Salisbury which is located in the United Kingdom. Have been to London before so I did not really spend much time there and went to Bracknell which is about 1 hour train ride away central London. Was convenient using the train without much hassle. Nothing much in this small outskirt town and move on to my next destination.

Bracknell Train map


Bath(place I stayed) is ~1 hour away from Bracknell & about 2 hours away from Central London. My itinerary:
Day 1 – Salisbury & Stonehedge
Day 2 – Bath city


Again some travel information. We left in the morning to Salisbury by train

Salisbury is basically a small town and can be traveled around by bus easily. There is a majestic cathedral located in the middle of the cities.


Of course, the main reason we are there is the famous stonehenge. Travelling there is easy (about 30 mins from the train station) where you can purchase your entrance ticket to that place. In year 1986, the site and its surrounding were added into the UNESCO world heritage sites. You can further read about the history of it from Wikipedia. But for now, some images for your “entertainment”

Stonehenge Visitor Signage

Stonehenge view1

Stonehenge view2


Had a wonderful weather, not too hot and not too cold. Somehow, I like the entire city of Bath as everything is so structured and uniformed including its colors.

Again, maybe because of the size of the town everything is just nearby and walking distance. In fact, there is no need for transportation (maybe because I rented a place near the central of town). The main attraction to this city is the Roman bath. This is basically hot spring where in Japanese, they call it Onsen where I share my experience in another post about my experience. Again, some history information about the Roman Bath from wikipedia for further reading. There is entrances fees to it but its all worth while, at least for me:




Spend a couple of hours inside the Roman bath and the remaining of the day, strolling the city enjoying the city view and the history of the place. Entire day was worthwhile spend




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