Club Med Kani in Maldives

Club Med Kani in Maldives

Maldives is located near to the country of Sri Lanka and it is 1 of the most dispersed country. The country itself contains ~400k of island and Male is the capital city of Maldives. This is where the international airport is located and if you happen to visit Maldives, this is the island that you will be arriving first. There are also plenty of resorts in all the various island but of course the main attraction of Maldives is clear water and beautiful beach you get. I have chosen Club Med Kani as our resort this time round and the reason for it is because it is an all inclusive package with meals and have more activities for my kid (it’s a family trip). Below is plan for the trip:

Day 1 to 3 – Small City
Day 3 to 6 – Club Med Kani

DAY 1 to 3

We arrived late in Malé International Airport as Maldives and is about 3 to 4 hours behind Malaysia local time. We have book Hotel Jen (I believe this is 1 of the more fancy hotel in Male) in advance and they have provided a boat to bring us from the airport to the hotel. 2 reasons we have decided to stay in Male instead of going directly to Club Med Kani:

1) To save cost. As it is already late at night, we didn’t want to waste a day booking for Kani (Hotel Jen is cheaper than Kani)
2) As this is the first time in Maldives, thought it will be a good idea to visit the capital city of the country

I would say it is a weird feeling, after exiting the airport and straight onto the boat. Yes, the jetty is barely in front of the airport (It’s like a taxi stand you get in other countries).

boat ride

Hotel Jen

Hotel Jen Pool

In all honestly, there is nothing much to “shout about” about the Male City. This island itself its not a tourist place but rather a transit point for people moving to the respective island. We were loitering around the city, the fish market and the local farmer’s market close to the harbor in the morning. We have completed everything in the morning and in the afternoon, we were just hiding in the hotel room. One thing I found it amusing with the Male island is a lot of the buildings are under construction. And I mean A LOT!! It will be interesting to see the island again in 10 years time and see how much it has changed. Sharing some photos taken during our stay in the Male island:

fish market

Maldives Boat



local market

DAY 3 to 6

After spending 2 days in Male, we will need to transfer to Club Med Kani which is our main reason of being there. We will need to take the same boat back to the airport and Club Med boat is awaiting us.

For those who are new to Club Med, it is a French company where they have resorts all around the world. When we talk about Club Med, first thing come into our mind is unlimited food, activities and plenty of fun. Sharing photos taken around the resort and some beach activities which are available during our visit. For more information, you may check out their website for more details.


club med3 club med4    club med9
club med10
club with12
club med16
club med19
me in club med kani

Hope it provide some insights the activities available in Kani. In fact, there is another Club Med available in Maldives which is called Finolhu Villa. Unlike Kani, it is a more fancy hotel. As the villas are above the sea and for safety reason, they do not allow kids. Also if you are looking for a lot of activities, I understand Finolhu guest will need to take a speedboat over to Kani to use those facilities. Once you have visited, do share your pictures with me as I did not have the chance to visit that resort.

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