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Struggling with money? You’re not alone.
Difference Between Financial Coach and Financial Advisor
Financial Coach

Do not sell investment products such as mutual funds, stocks, retirement accounts, insurance etc

Do not give specific advice such as ‘buy this stock or that one’,

Provide one-on-one sessions with clients in order to coach performance improvement to achieve financial goals.

Educate clients regarding personal finance topics, providing strategies for success.

Ensure clients understand how investing works, investing terminology and the best time to incorporate it into their financial planning.

Encourage & support to have positive financial goals

Financial Advisor

Licensed to sell investment products (e.g: mutual funds, unit trust fund, insurance,etc)

Give advice stock advice

Keep up with market fluctuations & news daily

I’m The Best Financial Coach!

My entire coaching is based on the developed framework which is made simple yet practical.

That being said, hardwork & discipline is needed in order to be successful. My job is to prepare you to be able to get out of debt, save more, invest and build wealth.

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Who Should Need Financial Coaching?
Who needs financial coaching?

Fresh graduates came out from college and about to start a career

Individuals tired of living pay cheque to pay cheque.

Individuals thinking if they will have enough for retirement

Individuals thinking how can we get out of debt

People that will be retiring and was wondering if they are ready financially

Individuals that want to live behind a legacy for their generation

Do you need a financial coach?

Need advice with simple day to day money management

Don’t know where to start and would like a step by step blueprint so that you can eliminate fear in making wrong financial decision

A personalized action plan for building wealth base on proven success principles that is custom designed to fit your situation

You want to know how much money you need to retire and have a realistic plan to achieve

Want to stop worrying about your financial future

To grow your passive revenue to exceed your expenses

You want to feel confident about your investment portfolio regardless of market condition

You need a “buddy” to keep you on track to achieve your goals and not make wrong financial decision


Success Rate


Out Of Debt


Positive Feedback


Satisfied clients

We Will Work Together

If you don’t know how to tackle these common issues, financial coaching may be right for you!

Finance issues

Work together to understand your financial issue and how you can get out of debt and achieve financial freedom

Wealth calc.

Have a monthly report send to you to ensure your networth is growing

Eliminate Debt

Eliminate debt using the snowball method

Budget Planner

Budget is a scary word for all. How to budget and where to start is always the case. Will help you make it simple


To determine what are your risk and what investment is suitable for you. What are your expectation for the investment


Retirement is not base on age but a number. Help you design a portfolio that provides a stable income to help you sustain your retirement.

Where Do We Start?
1. Introduction

You will receive a free 15-30 minute initial consultation from Daniel Wong

2. Assessment

Will prefer to have a face to face meetup to understand each other better. Alternatively, we can also do via facetime, phone call, etc

Will start understanding your overall goals & start drilling into your current financial status

3. Recommendation

Will provide our recommendations & focus area to meet your goal

Will leave behind some tools that will help maintain the momentum and ride on your own

4. Monitoring

Have a monthly health check report to ensure you are heading to the right direction & review them if nessesary.

What I’ll Give You From My Financial Coaching?
What you’ll get?

Complimentary 1 time 15-30 minutes consultation to understand us and we to understand you via a phone call

Private 1 on 1 meetings (one-on-one or as a couple - same price).

Establish rolling financial goals for the short-term and long-term.

Full assessment of your current financial situation.

Review of your spending habits and help maximizing your budget.

Develop an understanding of your money views and how they influence your finances.

A solid plan to eliminate debt forever.

Plan to build wealth and invest for the future.

What you don’t get?

Judgmental view on your financial status

Bias view on financial information

Sale presentation on any kind of financial products such as unit trust, insurance, etc

Unexpected hidden fees

Quick rich scheme/tips


What my clients say

My Pricing

Complementary 1 time consultation (15-30mins) via phone call

RM300 Ist time 1 on 1 meeting (1hr)

RM200 Subsequent meetings (1hr)

RM50 Monthly financial tracking

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