Focusing on income or doing what I am passionate about

Focusing on income or doing what I am passionate about

Just some sharing. Before I started financial coaching, I made some minimal investment in developing an online store. The idea of this website selling is base on drop shipping method. Indeed this is a much easier business compare to what I’m doing now, financial coaching. As most of you aware, drop shipping does not require any inventory and basically when customer place their order, it will go directly and so on so forth. Compare to what I’m doing as a financial coach where I need to meet people, come home and do recommendations and keep upgrading myself about personal finance. Indeed, drop shipping sounds a like a better option for passive income which is what I’m looking for. But why choose coaching instead? Worst still, half way through the development of my drop shipping website, it “died”. I find it a struggle, looking for products, loading it into my website as well as maintain it. I have to push myself to do it and I find it very difficult.

So what happened. Drop shipping can earn me more, a passive income which I’m looking for, a more prospective business where that is the trend now & less effort. But why didn’t I continue as its a much better prospect than what I’m doing now. There was once a saying “If selling cottons will make you money, sell it. Do you need to care if you have passion for cottons. If selling hangers makes you money, do it”. Indeed this is partly true that do things that make you money then you should be doing it. But then my question will be are you happy doing it. Money could be the motivation factor but more important is if there is more than money? What if you have made the money will you still want to do it?.

As most of you know financial coaching is something very new in Malaysia and in fact its difficult to even find 1 if you tried “Googling” it. For me, why am I doing it is due to the word:

Passion is a big word and people might interpret it differently. To make it simpler, to me being passionate on what you are doing is basically “like/enjoy what you are doing”. So as per my topic for this blog page, should you be focusing on the things you are passionate about or should you be focusing on what generates more income. This relates back to my online store vs financial coaching. And you got my answer. I choose financial coaching which is a less prospective business. But why did I chose this instead? 1st thing first is my interest in personal financing. 2nd, I like to share what I know.

Before I found my passion, I’m not a reader nor a writer by nature. The first finance book I read is the popular “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. What I realized is I do enjoying reading about personal financing and not so much on the author. I once tried switching to other genre and I got the feeling difficult to complete the book. This is how I found my interest in personal financing. After reading, I am excited to share what I learn with friends & colleagues and this is where I can confirm this is what I want to do as a long term business. Money is just a subset of this business but its more of my passion in this area and want to share it with people and that makes me decide to take this “less taken road”. I believe that when you are align to what your passion is and continue to work according to it, you will not fall too far from it. So regardless how much I will make from financial coaching, I’m happy doing it and happy to share with people with the knowledge I have and of course to earn some income. So:

Will end this post with “What is your passion? Why not start working at it? Do you have anything to loose?”. So why not do it TODAY!!!!

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