Krakow, is the second largest city in the country of Poland and one of the oldest city in Poland. As you might know, Poland is 1 of the many countries was invaded by Germany during the World War 2 during the 1940s and city of Krakow was not being excluded. Hence, there are historical sites around the city that makes the place interesting.

Spend 1 day scrolling in this beautiful city and these are some of the major attractions all located nearby:
a) Wawel Castle & Cathedral
b) Main Square
c) Cloth Hall
d) St Mary’s Basilica
e) Old Town

Krakow Galleria

Night View2

Street View2

Market Square

Street View1

Castle View3

Castle View2

Night View1


Galleria 2

City tour

Besides spending time in the city, I have also engaged a local tour agency to bring me slightly further from the city the popular tourist attraction “Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp”. Here they will bring you inside the camp which was used by the German Nazi during the World War 2 period. There will be a local tour guide explaining in details the historical events that happened and indeed its truly touching knowing millions of people were exterminated there. For more information about the place, you can visit to their official website. Also, sharing the pictures I took during my visit there.








Additional Tips
As I was scouting the travel fair in Malaysia lately, I realized some of the local tour agencies doesn’t bring their customers there. I don’t actually know what is the reason behind (they were saying people were superstitious, etc etc). But to me, if you are in Krakow this is a MUST place to visit regardless what people say. Its not about superstition but experiencing the historical events that happened. This is what travelling is about.

Not far from the concentration camp, its the Wieliczka Salt Mine. This is one of the oldest mine excavated from the 13th century and was producing table salt until 2007. In the year 1978, this place was placed in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site. this place is basically 327 meters down and yes, going down by stairs. There are beautiful sculptures and a Cathedral underground (unfortunately I don’t have the picture of the church as we need to pay to take pictures). Not a place to be miss too when you are in Krakow. Salt mine official website

Salt Mine3

Salt Mine6

Salt Mine4

Salt Mine8

Salt Mine1

Salt Mine2

Salt Mine7

Salt Mine5

Click this link to view the rest of the post that I have shared for other places I visited.

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