Swimming against the “financial” flow

Swimming against the “financial” flow

I can visualize a lot of us like sitting in a financial raft and just follow the flow where the current brings us. In fact, a lot of us have already been using the phrase “follow the flow”. I guess it’s always easier to follow the flow instead of going against it. It always make oneself weird if we don’t. Just imagine, we are still using the old Iphone4 while all the people around us are already using the latest and waiting for the next to launch. We are driving the old car while our colleagues have already upgraded twice. People have parties and having a feast every Friday night while we are rushing home and try to eat home. Surely, following the flow is easier.

Swim Against Flow

However, the bad news is where is this flow brings us at the end is the ultimate question. Sometimes I feel amuse where in the society now people is discussing about FIRE (click here to read about a blog I wrote regarding FIRE), financial independence, quitting the rat race but yet this is not aligned with what the society brings us. The culture is creating a wrong perception about debts, credit cards, refinancing and in fact investment too. The bank is asking us to refinance our mortgage so that we can go for the dream holiday we always wanted. Investment gurus are asking us to invest in “something” and you get 20% return. Invest and keep refinancing your property so you have the cash-flow to further purchase more and more properties. It’s ok to have debts and the list goes on.

At the end of it when we finally wake up like everyone else, we realize we have not enough and keep complaining about the increase of prices and taxes . We blame our bosses for not increasing our pay on a monthly basis and we can’t keep up with inflation. We can blame about everything except ourselves. When it comes to building wealth, the ones that come out on top are those going against the flow and choose the destination for themselves. These are the ones that are weird in the eyes of society but they themselves know the goals and priorities they want in life. They choose a different path and choose to swim upstream instead and not following the flow.

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