My travel diary

My travel diary

I guess in life for a “normal” person, we can’t have everything in life. I wouldn’t comment much on the ultra rich but like most of us an average Joe, we have to decide our priorities. Different people have different priorities and unfortunately normal people like us can only select 1 or 2 things we like about and will need to let go the rest of it. For example, some guys like nice houses, cars, branded bags & apparels, watches, you get what I mean. There is no right or wrong for any of these decisions but for me I like to travel and I have to forgo the rest of the things (not to say I don’t like them).

Of course I would be glad if I can cover majority of the countries but no complains currently 🙂 I consider myself fortunate and had the chance to travel quite a number of places and I would want to have a section to share the interesting places as well as for me to have memories to the places I have been. I’m not a very food person but I’m certainly interested in the country’s culture & architecture.

As I’m growing “older” now, I’m also interested on the country history. Museum and ready the history artifacts are what I do now to make my travel more memorable and will appreciate the things I’m looking at better. Also, I also prefer places are slower pace. Large cities are just for a day or two just to look but it does not interest me much. That being said, those are just me and still interested to venture as many place I could.

P/S: Red dots indicate places I have visited

Below are places I have visited and sorted them by the year:

Hope to build more memories as we carry on with life.

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